Useful information for hunters in Southern Africa

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  • Make sure that your personal insurance covers both trip cancellation and your personal belongings, such as rifles and cameras.
  • For personal health and medical evacuation insurance, we suggest you make use of Global Rescue, contact them on
  • Please contact us for any further insurance advice.


Hunting protocol

Theo de Marillac Safaris prides itself in a very ethical code of conduct, we are members of PHASA (Professional Hunters Association of South Africa) and have adopted the PHASA Code of Conduct.

PHASA Code of Conduct: Each member of PHASA shall commit himself, upon acceptance of membership, to this Code of Conduct , whereby he:

shall promote and observe the Aims and Objects of PHASA, the provisions of the PHASA Constitution and its By-laws;

shall obey the laws of any country in which he operates at any time in professional hunting or related activities;

shall conduct himself in a manner which will reflect honesty, integrity and morality and shall not allow material gain to supersede such principles;

shall respect the natural resources of the country in which he hunts;

shall respect the rights and interests of property owners and local communities;

shall not misrepresent himself to clients or mislead clients in any way;

shall take every reasonable step to ensure that his clients receive the services contracted for, and to ensure their safety, comfort and satisfaction; and

shall not act in any manner that brings disrepute to the good name of PHASA and it’s members.


Hunting season

  • South Africa : March through October
  • Zimbabwe : April through October
  • Cameroon Rainforest : mid April through mid July
  • Cameroon Savannah: December through March


Travelling with firearms

  • TDMS office will supply you with all required information and documentation to make this process as trouble free as possible.
  • Please note that certain Airlines do not carry Firearms, make sure before you book your air tickets, that firearms are permissible on the relevant Airline.
  • TDMS makes use of the friendly and efficient services of Africa Sky Guest House for all our rifle importation permits and overnight stay in Johannesburg, please contact Deidre or Schutte at
  • Make sure that the hard travel case you transport your firearm in is one of a solid strength and good quality, especially the locking mechanism.


Trophy fees

  • These are payable before your safari by means of a wire transfer, alternatively in cash at the end of your safari.
  • Wounded and lost game in Africa, is regarded as hunted and trophy fees for such game is payable in full.


Taxidermy and Trophy Shipment

  • TDMS makes use of Trophy Solutions Africa, located in Polokwane, South Africa.
  • Trophy Solutions Africa (TSA) has been in operation since early 2003 and is owned by Johan and Estie van der Merwe.
  • They dedicate all their time, attention and energy to their business. As the hunting season does not have weeks or weekends, they are available seven days a week, during the hunting season!
  • With the naked eye any two processed trophy parts might look alike, but it is your taxidermist that must bring your trophy back to “life” again. References and “thank-yous” received from numerous taxidermists and clients are the final proof that their product is by far superior.  Their processes have been physically inspected and approved by several Master Taxidermists from the United States of America and United Kingdom.



Evenings and early mornings are cool to chilly, warming up by mid morning. We suggest that you plan on layered clothing.

For more detailed weather forecasts for our hunting areas, have a look here:
Messina, South Africa’s weather
Matabeleland, Zimbabwe’s weather
Garoua, Cameroon’s weather


Packing List

  • This is only a recommendation, based on the input by fellow hunters over the past years. It simple serves as a guideline and can be altered to suite each individuals needs.
  • Rifles – Plains Game Safari, one light caliber (270 to 300 Mag) for small to medium sized game. One medium to heavy caliber (375 H&H) for larger plains game. We suggest variable magnification scopes for both rifles (2-12 X 40 or similar). 80 rounds of ammunition per rifle.
  • Rifles – Big Game Safari, one heavy caliber rifle (375 H&H, 416 Rigby, 458 Win Mag, 470 NE or similar). Low magnification detachable scope (1.5 – 5 X 32 or similar) Soft and Full metal jacket/solid ammunition, 20-30 rounds of each.
  • Remember to bring a soft rifle case to protect your weapons on the back of the hunting vehicle.
  • Clothing : 3 pairs of cotton trousers, 3 pairs of cotton shirts, medium to heavy coat with hood, light weight jacket, hat or cap, 5 pairs undershorts, 5 pairs of socks, sock savers (short gaters), ammo belt, tennis shoes or sandals (for around camp), comfortable hunting boots or cross-trainers (for hunting), down or wool sweater and or jogging suit (to sleep in), light pair of leather gloves.
  • Miscellaneous : Lip chap, folding pocket knife, suntan lotion, insect repellant, shell-holder, binoculars, sunglasses, skin moisturizers,camera, sd-cards, camera battery charger, candy, personal toilettries, personal medications, flash-light and spare batteries, Zip-lock plastic bags, extra pair of prescription glasses if required, travel documents, reading material for leisure in camp.
  • Here are “some things to remember when packing for safaris”.


Time zone

  • South Africa & Zimbabwe : GMT + 2 hrs
  • Cameroon : GMT + 1 hr


Staff Gratuities

  • A gratuity is not a fee and it is totally upto the discretion of the client. The industry norm is around 10-15% of your safari cost.
  • Gratuities are best taken care of in the form of USD/EURO cash at the end of the safari, your PH will guide you regarding the payment and distribution thereof.



  • South Africa – South African Rand
  • Zimbabwe – US Dollar
  • Cameroon – Cameroon Franc
  • US Dollars or Euro are the best forms of cash to use in Africa.



  • Please contact your family doctor as they can best advise you medically.
  • Note: Yellow Fever vaccination is required for Cameroon.



  • You do not require a pre-issued Visa for both South Africa and Zimbabwe, you will obtain these on entry into the country
  • Cameroon, you require a pre-travel issued Visa