What our Clients are saying


Lance Piccolin
Greenville, Pennsylvania  USA

I have been hunting for 51 years with many trips throughout the United States and Canada. My dream was always to some day hunt Africa. My dream came true when I hunted in South Africa with Theo de Marillac in 2008. To use the term “Hunt of a Lifetime” to describe this hunt would be an understatement. Everything about the total experience was first class. So much so that I hunted with Theo again in 2011 and 2015 each time in different areas of South Africa. Each trip every bit as great as the first. His hunting areas are beautiful and teaming with quality game of many different species. The camps are very comfortable and I never wanted for anything. The food is outstanding. He and all his staff work tirelessly to provide the best safari experience possible. All are very professional.  Theo is an encyclopedia on everything Africa from the fauna and flora to the history, culture and politics.  To me this adds so much more to the experience than just the taking of animals. Theo also carries a deep respect and reverence for the game he pursues. I have taken 23 animals while hunting with Theo and will never hunt Africa without him. Each time I enter my game room and look at one of the African mounts, I am transported back to a special place and time that I shared with my friend Theo de Marillac. I would highly recommend Theo de Marillac Safaris to anyone whether you are a first timer or veteran of many safaris.


Chris Gustcher
Flint, Michigan, USA

…. I’m 67 and have hunted extensively, but exclusively, in the United States and Canada, the last several hunts with my daughter Jen (Alaska & Yukon). To hunt in Africa with all it entails seemed overwhelming, from choosing where to go, what to expect, accommodations, navigating through customs, etc…Theo de Marillac was highly recommended by a very good friend. Jen and I recently returned from 14 days in Zimbabwe on a cape buffalo and plains game hunt…during this time, I never once doubted my choice of a PH! Theo led us through our new experience from the day we booked with him…and he and Falton, his unbelievable tracker, moved us in and out of many buffalo herds, We both took great buffalo bulls, I took a great 40″ sable, and Jen a fabulous 57 ½” kudu. In total, we harvested 9 mature trophy animals…truly a hunt-trip-adventure of a lifetime!……


Jon Schiller
Carmel, New York, USA

….. “Up until two years ago, I like yourself, was always intrigued with the idea of hunting in Africa. I was extremely fortunate to have hunted with Theo de Marillac in pursuit of the great Cape Buffalo! My experience was nothing short of extraordinary which culminated with a 40+ inch Cape buffalo shot at 20 yards! Theo de Marillac is an exceptional professional hunter and the accommodations, food and hunting staff were all first class. I assure you, that if you enjoy hunting in an exotic land, appreciate hard working PH’s and staff, and like the idea of retiring each evening to a first class lodge, you can’t go wrong with Theo”……


David “Counsellor” Hessler,
Cleveland, Ohio

…”Theo de Marillac is the consummate outfitter. He is a true master at his craft. On a Zimbabwe safari in June 2012 we were able to harvest 11 trophies, including, a superb dagga bull, a magnificent sable, and an unbelievable 60-1/4” kudu. Back again in Zimbabwe in October 2012 we were able to add a beautiful large eland, a spectacular leopard, and a monster lion weighing 750+ pounds and measuring 9’10” from nose to tail. Theo’s complete knowledge of the flora and fauna of the region only adds to the pleasure and enjoyment of the hunting experience. However, the most significant aspect is that we met as client and outfitter and parted as close friends!” …


Joe Frank,
Bel Air, Maryland, USA

….. “I look forward to my third hunt with Theo de Marillac Safaris. 100% on the first two. Now for the Big 4! One hunt with Theo de Marillac and you’re hooked. First class, Theo!”……


Roy Bain,
Bel Air, Maryland, USA.

….. “I have hunted Africa 6 times, in three different countries, two of those hunts were with Theo de Marillac. Both hunts were unbelievable experiences. I have never hunted with anyone whom takes all aspects of the hunting experience as serious as you do. I appreciate your honest, and determined approach to each of the many trophies you have helped me collect. I appreciate the high standards that you impose upon each and every staff member. Together you are a well-oiled machine!”……


John & Sandy Searles,
Flint, Michigan, USA

….. “From the very first meeting with Theo de Marillac in 1996 our rather lofty safari expectations have not only been met…but exceeded! As I have a quite broad hunting experience…some 75 non-resident/international hunts, with over 100 species of game taken…I believe my personal evaluation of De Marillac Safaris has some merit. Theo is the “Gold Standard” that we now measure other PHs by! Sandy and I have successfully hunted four of the “Big Five” with him…he is still disappointed about the rhino!…as well as dozens of species of more “common” game. The vast majority of these animals have been “record class” by the standards of Rowland-Ward or SCI. Theo’s attention to the myriad details of the “safari experience” grants a high degree of satisfaction to his hunting clients and we heartily recommend his professional services…without reservation!” ……


Roger & Michelle Vallecorse,
Miami, Florida, USA

…. “There are many PH’s who can put you on an animal with mechanical efficiency. The experience can be productive, but cold and impersonal. A good safari is much more than simply harvesting animals. It is a distillation of life, where the journey is as important, if not more so, than the destination. Whether it’s his stories, stewardship of the land, or sundowners around the evening fire, Theo crafts a safari experience that is richly unique and personal. You’ll find many testimonials lauding the professionalism of Theo and his team. Those are, of course, well deserved. Instead, I’ll take this opportunity to emphasize how Theo addresses the indescribable, but essential, balance of ingrediants that make the difference between a hunt and an incomparable safari experience.” ……


Jennifer Chutz,
Island Park, Idaho, USA,

“Our recent hunt with Theo was nothing short of phenomenal! Not only did my dad and I successfully take 2 cape buffalo and 7 plains game, we saw thousands of animals from Serval and Civet to Hippos and Elephants. From the moment he picked us up at the airport, Theo was not just our PH, but also the consummate guide for everything from local plants and animals to African culture, politics, and history. As a professional biologist, I bannerimage3place great value on the fact that Theo insists on hunting only well-managed, high quality, mature game, thus producing not only trophies by SCI or RW standards, but also a 1st class hunting experience! His extensive expertise and enthusiastic passion for hunting wildlife will make every moment of your trip memorable…De Marillac Safaris are more than hunts, they are true experiences! ……


John M Searles,
Flint, Michigan, USA

….. “The very best days of our hunting lifetime have been in the various game fields of Southern Africa with the redoubtable Dr. de Marillac!” ……